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Landscape with amazing Halong bay, Vietnam

Book an overnight cruise and soak in the atmosphere of Halong Bay – one of the most picturesque attractions in all of the world

Vietnam is a spectacular country full of all sorts of attractions. In Vietnam, one will find exotic food, the world’s largest cave, pristine tropical beaches, and the iconic Halong Bay in northern Vietnam. Halong Bay and Vietnam’s other dramatic coastlines are just some reasons why Vietnam should be on one’s bucket list. The country is stunning from north to south.

Halong Bay draws visitors from far and wide to see its stunning towering limestone pillars impossibly topped by forests. The best way to explore the bay is to take a boat tour through the emerald waters and soak in the atmosphere. It is easy to see how they are North Vietnam’s top tourism destination.

For many, the dramatic seascapes of Halong Bay are synonymous with tourism in Vietnam. The rugged islands, countless caves, and uncountable islets are the main pull to this stunning Southeast Asian country.

Halong Bay means “descending dragon” in Vietnamese. The bay is eye-catching for its dramatic limestone karsts and isles – thousands of them. They dot the area in many shapes and sizes. Halong Bay is part of the larger zone that includes Bai Tu Long Bay and Cat Ba Island.

The limestone outcrops one sees dramatically rising above the waters of the bay have been millions of years in the making. They have been formed from the impact of the tropical wet climate.