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Sung Sot Cave is located in the central area of Halong Bay, in Bo Hon Island. This is the largest and most beautiful cave in Halong Bay and this is also the place where many rocky islands with unique shapes. The way to Sung Sot cave is under the forest canopy, the craggy stone steps, visitors both have the pleasure of climbing, and have the excitement of going to the sky.

Bo Hon Island

Sung Sot Cave includes 2 small caves, the first cave is like a large and spacious theater. The ceiling of the cave is covered with a layer of shiny “velvet carpet”, countless “candles” hanging by glittering stalactites, stone statues, stone elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers, etc. fluttering between reality and dream.

Still amazed by the magical beauty in the first cave, we entered the second cave by a small path. A stream of bright light poured in, the cave opened up a completely different scene, the vast cave can accommodate thousands of people. Going into the scene, there are many strange things, such as the ancient banyan tree with luxuriant foliage, the sea bear, the dinosaur…

Sung Sot Cave

At the top of the cave, suddenly a “royal garden” opens in front of you, with a clear lake, charming landscape, all kinds of plants and many species of birds. Groups of monkeys often come down here to find fruit, causing an uproar in the whole area.

From the pier, climb about 50 steep stone steps and then go down about ten more stone steps to reach the entrance of the cave with a height of about 25 m. The cave is about 10,000 m2 wide with thousands of stalagmites and stalactites. In the cave, there is a system of paved paths along the way from the cave entrance to the exit with a length of more than 500 m.

On both sides of the aisle are low street light poles that serve as both a guidepost and a decoration and illumination. The lighting system with elegant lights, soft light enhances the beauty of the cave. In Sung Sot cave, the ceiling of the cave is 30 m high with small regular and smooth indentations as if decorated with porous material, looks like the ceiling of a big theater, very magnificent. Near the entrance emerged huge stone blocks piled high from the ground to the ceiling of the cave. This is one of the typical karst caves, with high scientific value.

Right next to the entrance is a stalactite shaped like a horse and a long sword. An old legend has it that, after defeating the An enemy, Thanh Giong helped the people here chase away the demons. When the rebellion was over, Thanh Giong flew back to heaven, leaving behind a precious sword and horse to reassure the people. banish demons. Currently, in the cave, there are many natural images that seem to be the vestiges of that fierce battle, the footprints of Giong’s horse become small beautiful ponds and many large broken rocks…

Today, Sung Sot Cave is a favorite stopover attracting many domestic and international tourists to visit and explore the cave. If you want to visit Sung Sot cave, you can book Aquamarine Cruise 3 days/2 nights.