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Tai Chi in Halong Bay on Aquamarine Cruise is in the morning on the sundeck. We offer free Tai Chi class, which is about 30 – 45 mins.

Engaging in Tai Chi session in the early morning is the perfect way to start your new day in Halong Bay. Tai Chi is a gently physical exercise combining deep breathing and relaxation with slow and easy movements. A form of martial art, Tai Chi is extremely beneficial for your health as it helps to reduce stress, prevent falls, and improve balance and general mobility. You are strongly recommended to wake up early and participate in the session.

Practice Tai Chi in Halong Bay with Aquamarine Cruise 2 days/1 night and Aquamarine Cruise 3 days/2 nights

With Aquamarine Cruise, passengers’ experience and wellness are always taken into account. Aquamarine offers a complimentary fitness program on board to aid passengers in detox and release tension from body and mind. Tai Chi session is available on Aquamarine Cruise in the early morning on the second day to start a bright new day. If you are new to Tai Chi, there is no better place to begin than this breath-taking location.

Tai Chi lesson with Aquamarine begins at 6:15 a.m and is held on the sundeck which allows guests to fill up their lungs with fresh air. Tai Chi can be a simple way to meditate and improve overall well-being. The tranquil and wonderful nature adds to the sense of peace so guests can truly alleviate stress. It’s an aesthetically pleasing place to leave behind the hustle world and enter a state of mind. Practicing Tai Chi is a great way to gain more energy and stamina to enjoy all the fun activities in Halong Bay.