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Exploring caves is considered a “compulsory” activity when you coming to Halong Bay. You will visit and study the beauty of these caves to get know more about the bay’s unique geology, aesthetics, and archaeology values. Each cave not only has its own wonderful and enchanting beauty but also conveys interesting stories.

When joining Aquamarine Cruise 2 days/1 night or Aquamarine Cruise 3 days/2 nights, you will discover many caves in Halong Bay such as Luon Cave, Dark and Bright cave, Sung Sot Cave. Among them, the most prominent is Sung Sot Cave – the largest cave in Halong Bay.

Sung Sot Cave is one of Halong Bay’s largest and most stunning caverns and a highlight on most Halong Bay itineraries. The French named it “Grotte des Surprises” or (Surprise Grotto). The cave is located on the island of Bo Hon. You must hike 50 stairs from the pier below to reach the grotto’s entrance, which is only 25 meters above the sea.